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Baby Area

The Baby area is a special place within the Girls Home, a house where babies and toddlers from newborn up to 5 years old live and are lovingly taken care of by our amazing team of Educadoras.

Babies and toddlers come to our Homes through the referral of DINAF(the honduran equivalent of Child Protective Services), and are placed within our care so they can have a stable, safe, nurturing, loving and healing environment. We strive to take care of all their needs, ranging from formula and snacks to diapers, clothes and a comfortable home. We provide a safe place where they can be playful and learn.

The babies are cared for by our team 24/7. The Educadoras are responsible for the babies entire routine. Their daily lives are what you can expect from a normal baby's life. They sleep comfortably during the night time, and take sporadic naps after play and learning time. They have their meals and when hungry in between, they enjoy snacks. They love music and they are curious, sweet and joyful! There are special challenges that arise due to their unique individual situations and our psychologist and nurse work hard so the babies can always be healthy and happy. All their medical needs are met accordingly. 

Thanks to your support and donations we can provide for all of God´s beloved children that He has entrusted in our care in the best way possible!

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