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Donate Now

To donate online:

To donate by check:

​Write the check to  'Hearts Touching Hearts Foundation' and  in the Memo area, write 'Hogar Nazareth' and send it to:

  • Hearts Touching Hearts Foundation

  • 1147 N. Community Drive

  • Jupiter, Florida 33458

Hearts touching Hearts Foundation is a 501c3 US based foundation which collaborates with Hogar Nazareth by receiving US donations and then passes them on in a manner which keeps administrative costs very low.

To make Direct Bank Transfers within Honduras:

If you live in Honduras, you can make a direct deposit to our bank account in Lempiras:


Banco Atlantida

Beneficiario: Asociación Hogar Nazareth

Dirección: Comayagua, Honduras

Numero de Cuenta: 012100001655

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