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Asociación Hogar Nazareth is located in Comayagua, a small yet developing city near the center of the Honduras, and is committed to caring for the children, adolescents and disabled people most in need due to these difficulties.

Hondurans are known in Central America as "Catrachos", people full of gratitude, generosity and kindness of heart yet mixed with a situation of great poverty(48.3 %  in 2018) and inequality due to lack of work and educational opportunities, unfortunately resulting in violence and the breakdown of Honduran families, causing a variety of vulnerable situations, especial for children.


Honduras is a tropical country that has high mountain ranges, high plains, and deep valleys in which there are extensive and fertile plains crossed by strong rivers, beaches with crystal clear waters, and an exceptionally privileged biodiversity. Being located between two oceans and its topographic conditions create a variety of habitats, from cloud forests to coral reefs, favorable for a high diversity of flora and fauna; in turn, it has a hydrographic system that is made up of 19 river systems that originate in the national territory and flow into both oceans.

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